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Types of water barrel comes in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.

You can choose between a plastic barrel or go for the wooden barrels such as wine barrels These make an excellent choice.

If your're going the plastic way, try to go for recycled barrels such as food grade ones, FDA approved so example one that had olives or some type of food, juice or spices.

When the barrel has finished it's purpose of storing olives for example, you can always reuse it as a rain barrel. This is the best way to go since you will be contributing to saving the environment.

Again,if you're going for the wood barrels, go for the recycled oak wine barrels or just regular wine barrels.

Of all the sizes mentioned above, their is no rule of thumb to the barrel Size you decide to go with. The most standard would be to go with plastic 55 gallon drums, or 60 gallons.

Weather you go with a standard rain barrel,or a decorative barrel,cause you want to be able to blend it in with the rest of your garden that is just fine.

Some different types of water barrel are listed below:

1.) Standard rain barrel come in 100 to 300 litres in size(26-80 gallons)and looks like your standard looking barrel.

2.) Decorative barrels store between 50 and 300 litres (13.2 to 80 gallons) and come in the shape of boulders, rocks, almost any type of shape that blends in well with your garden. Giving it a natural look.

3.) Large above ground tanks can hold up to 2000 litres or 528 gallons of water.

4.) Galvanized Metal Rain Barrels These systems incorporate a membrane liner and are much larger rainwater storage systems not suitable for residential use unless you have a large property or more for agriculture or industrial usage.

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