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Wine barrels, white oak barrels, or whisky barrels all make an excellent choice as wooden rain barrels.

Always remember to use recycled wooden rain barrels. When the wine barrels life has finished it's purpose of storing wine or whisky, it's still good for storing rain water.

old whisky barrel

If wooden rain barrels are allowed to dry out the wood will shrink and the hoops will loosen. So it is important to keep the barrel wet when ever it is not raining, becoming too dry which can result in shrinkage.

If the barrel is left out to dry excessively, the metal hoops around the barrel will loosen,and shrink. The barrel will then no longer be watertight and may even collapse under conditions of extreme dryness.

So it's important to always have water in the wooden rain barrel, to keep the moisture in it so the barrel stays water tight.

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