Real Whiskey Rain Barrel with fill gauge

by Kieran
(Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Profile view of my rainbarrel setup

Profile view of my rainbarrel setup

My rain barrel once held over 50 gallons of a rye whiskey distilled in my home state of Iowa. I chose the wooden barrel for effect and because I am such a fan of the whiskey.

I used many sources online for designing my barrel but ultimately created my own final design because I wanted features I couldn't find on any other site.

I created my own inflow-box design using downspout components, sump-pump tubing, fiberglass screening and other components.

I created my own overflow design because I wanted to determine how full my barrel would be at any given point.

I use my rainwater to irrigate my rose and vegetable garden in the drier months of the summer and I have had very good results!

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