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To paint plastic, especially your water barrel, I would highly recommend using kryolan fusion paint© as a base coat, ideal for a solid color. If you want to have a more decorative rain barrel, you can then go in and paint it with regular acrylic paint.

Paint Plastic on a water barrel

It is best to paint outdoors for an adequate ventilation and prevent over spraying. A very important point would be to paint where there's no sunlight and a day with low humidity. Ideal humidity would be between 10°C and 29.44°C.

When you paint plastic, make sure you listen to the weather before starting your work.You might be wondering why so precise with the temperature? Sun and too much humidity will cause the paint to dry too quickly and leave a finish that's dull and uneven.

Don't paint your water barrel on a windy day. You don't want to have leaves, grass and debris flying around and sticking to your paint. Ideally you can do it in the garage with the door open of course. Remember always have a good ventilation.

Kryolan fusion paint

It requires no sanding, priming and is chip free within 7 days. It will be dry to the touch in fifteen minutes and dry to handle in about one hour. It offers great coverage and lasts long.

One can cover a standard 55 gallon barrel. For extra protection, add a 2nd can of paint, and keep yourself some extra cans for touch ups. Before adding a 2nd coat, wait an hour after the 1st coat is applied or you can also do it after 48 hours.

When you spray paint, I would recommend wearing a disposable painter's mask. You don't want to breath the fumes.

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