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Basically low flow shower head will use half the water than the older shower models.

They can use up to 70 percent less water than standard showerheads.

Lets say you take a 10-minute shower, just this can use up to 190 litres (42 gallons) of hot water with a conventional showerhead.

Older models use 18 to 30 lpm (litres per minute),while water efficient models use 9.5 lpm or less.

Just this alone, allows a family of four people to save water every year. How much water can you really save? 160,000 litres of water in one year with a 9.5 lpm showerhead.

Water saving shower head

A water saving shower head comes in two different types: aerating and non-aerating.

An aerating showerhead mixes air into the water stream. The air maintains steady pressure and results in an even, full shower spray. These are the most popular kind of low-flow showerhead.

A non-aerating showerhead does not have air that is mixed into the water stream. This maintains temperature well and delivers a strong spray giving you a massaging shower effect.

The Basics

1.)Material wise, don't go for the plastic shower heads, go for the full chrome, steel ones, better quality.

2.)Get the ones with the pause button or shut off valves, so when your taking a shower and want to soap up, you can press the pause button or use the shut off valve to stop the water without affecting the water pressure and temperature.

The flows from energy-efficient shower heads range from as low as 3.8 litres per minute (L/min) up to 9.5 L/min, with the most common around 5 L/min.

How much does a Low Flow Shower Head Cost?

Anywhere from $15-$30 for standard models and higher for designer and handheld massage types.

One thing to keep in mind though is the GPM (gallons per minute). Some shower heads can me more fancier and expensive, but this doesn't mean they are better.

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